Books that deserve to be more widely known, recommended by writers.

A literary subscription box.

Subscribers receive the following each month:

  • one great book (usually fiction) recommended by a different writer each month
  • the writer’s ode to the book
  • one or two postcards
  • a bookmark
  • & usually a little something extra

Our first issue came out in September 2021. 

The box is 100% recycled cardboard, 95% post-consumer waste, technically compostable, definitely recycleable. Our packing tape is paper-based. We use paper certified by the Forest Stewardship Council whenever possible.


Hidden gems—something lesser-known & excellent. Usually fiction, but not always. 


The writer’s ode to what they love about their chosen book. Printed in limited runs.


Featuring custom illustrations based on each book. 

If you subscribe, you’ll also be welcome to join the Manzanita Papers Discord server. It’s a forum for talking about the books in depth. If you aren’t happy with Goodreads, or if you miss MFA classes on craft, or if you just want to talk about what makes good books tick, please come join us.

For now, our Discord is only open to active subscribers and recommenders. (Please note that getting yourself banned from the Discord will not result in a discount.) We’re still getting off the ground, so things might be quiet at first.