Manzanita Papers is on hiatus as of February 2023.

Manzanita Papers is an indie literary subscription box. Subscribers receive one excellent book per month, each recommended by a different contemporary writer, with a particular focus on excellent books that have flown under the radar. You’ll also receive the recommender’s ode to the book/custom intro, plus postcards and a bookmark featuring artwork based on that month’s book.

Manzanitas are scrappy and vivid, tough and elegant, with many twists and branchings. Manzanitas have red-brown bark that peels off each summer. They bloom in clusters of pale bells. They meld and mutate. Dead manzanitas sunbake into silvery skeletons. Manzanitas burn hot enough in a woodstove to keep you warm all night. Manzanitas flourish in the western states. 

Founding Editor: Jae Towle Vieira [she + they]

Jae is a queer writer and editor based in northern California. They grew up among manzanitas. They have an MFA in Fiction from the University of Arizona. Their work has appeared in New England ReviewMississippi ReviewThe Normal School, and elsewhere. In 2016, their story “And it is my fault” won Carve Magazine’s Raymond Carver Short Story Contest. Former roles: head editor of Sonora Review, assistant fiction editor at DIAGRAM, community strategist at Wirecutter.

A thousand thanks to Lucas Vieira, Ander MonsonAndy Hayes, Guilherme Moyna, Drew Malin, Jenna Robles, Michelle Wechsler, Nick GreerJoel Hans, David Naimon, Estathea Lyons, and Eli Tuisku for their wisdom and advice in getting Manzanita Papers planted.