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Yes, to an extent. The boxes are 100% recycled cardboard, 95% post-consumer waste. We use ecofriendly paper-based packing tape. Most of the paper we use for our prints is certified by the Forest Stewardship Council, ranging from FSC Mix to FSC Recycled. Whenever possible, we err toward materials that will minimize environmental impacts. Reach out to us at support@manzanitapapers.com if you’ve got ideas, suggestions, or requests in this regard.

Nope. That’s not our style. We send out one book at a time, recommended by a different writer each month. We don’t share the titles of the books in advance, although we do share the identity of upcoming recommenders. We think the surprise is an important part of the experience.

Yes! We only ask that you don’t post pics that show the full text of the recommender’s ode to the book. Pics that show only part of the ode are fine.

Shipping is included in the cost of your subscription. 

As close to the first business day of each month as we can manage. Usually on the 1st, 2nd, or 3rd. We’ll email you with the tracking number as soon as we can.

If you’ve ordered a back issue through the shop, we’ll ship your order out within 5-7 business days—more quickly if we can.

USPS. We partner with Pirate Ship to purchase shipping labels, so if you use USPS Informed Delivery & you see something on the way from Pirate Ship, that’s us. 

For the monthly subscription: in the last week of the month.

For the quarterly subscription: on the approximate three-month anniversary of the day you signed up. 

Not currently. Maybe someday!